The Artisan Geek

Happy Black History Month! Even though it’s the last two days. There’s a number of things or people I could have written about but as I was thinking about this post one particular black creator came to mind.

I have a small variety of booktubers I watch regularly and while being in the loop about popular books hitting the shelves is fun, I much prefer watching content creators who read outside the mainstream market. So when Seji’s channel popped up on my YouTube feed years ago, I thought to myself ‘Ah ha! This is exactly what I’m looking for!’ and I’ve been fan ever since.

Her channel, The Artisan Geek, focuses on spreading the word about diverse books and authors, both past and present. And this isn’t limited to her own country. Her interests span across continents, from unique translated works to just downright bizarre stories often overlooked for English audiences. I’m intrigued by all of it. (And shake my fist when a book I’m interested in isn’t available in English or a language I could realistically start learning again. Maybe that’ll be motivation enough one day.)

Video Essay on Harta Magazine

She has another YouTube channel, Mochi Doki Mochi, which has more of a visual podcast feel and focuses on manga and anime. If time allows, I imagine she’ll speak about more series since she’ll be studying in Japan later this year and have access to more media.

While this is a Black History Month post, despite its lateness, I hope you’ll enjoy Seji’s content long after the month has ended and explore book titles outside of what’s commonly pushed on media sites and book storefronts every once in a while. You never know what you might find.



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